As a heavy fan of Comic-Con, JUMP Jun from the cosplayer’s point of view to share a little advice for photographers shopping Comic-Con, yes, and little advice for ladies to talk: 1. But if your face is not high do not be discouraged, clean up after themselves, shave a shave, hair to clean up, not too like a lewd uncle on the line! As the subject said, cosplayers are generally small girls, and mixed cos circle, defensive psychology are relatively heavy, if you look unkempt like a bad uncle, then do not think you can take pictures of the little sister. Anyway, JUMP Jun met such uncle will certainly respect and stay away.

  1. take good pictures is the hard truth do not steal photos! Don’t take pictures! Don’t take pictures! The important thing to say three times! Before taking pictures must first ask whether you can take pictures, no accident will not be rejected. Take a picture after bowing or not, or whatever, but be polite. If you are refused, do not stalk, this behavior low burst! In addition, to cosplayers when taking pictures of the scale can not be too big! Especially the first contact with the girl, please put the motive simple point, do not stare at what children’s eyes inappropriate parts. Do not think to ask people to take pictures outside the little sister, generally get the answer is: uncle, we do not date! Finally, remember to return to the picture after taking the picture (this is your chance to approach the girl, test points, focus! . But also pay attention to the quality of the return map, must be refined. If the quality of your photos can not, then …… that you go to Comic-Con to do what?

3. GIVE call can be, but must be careful what you say JUMP Jun often see people on stage for the otaku dance call, this is very normal thing. But in the time of shooting, do not know what to talk to the girl do not talk blindly. Don’t evaluate people’s looks! Do not evaluate people’s costumes! Don’t evaluate people’s makeup! And don’t call a cosplayer by her character name if you don’t know her name. Unless you want to be carried out ……

4.the most important point: take the initiative!

JUMP Jun around a lot of friends are saying that they do not know how to find cosplayers to take pictures, to which I can only say two words: the battle, courage also! (Well, five words ……) above said so much, in fact, can only increase the chances of teasing the coser, the most critical step or to take the initiative. If you do not even have the courage to take the initiative to invite shots, sorry, Comic-Con is not for you. Finally a friendly reminder: want to tease the girl’s little brother never