With the boom in the domestic market for anime Cosplay series and online games, many young people have become extremely fond of anime characters. More and more young people are imitating characters, the so-called cosplay, and this has led to a boom in the cosplay costume market. However, people who know about cosplay costumes are confused: why are they so expensive? More precisely, the price of a cosplay outfit can be quite expensive, especially for young people (school students), who may need a month’s living expenses for a complete cosplay outfit.

In fact, there are five main aspects that make a cosplay outfit “expensive”.

  1. Costume styles; Cosplay costumes are complicated. There are many patterns, colors, materials and difficulties in designing, all of which contribute to the high price of cosplay costumes.
  2. Fabric problems: The fabric of many cosplay costumes requires custom-made printing, gradient colors, and multiple color transitions, resulting in a gradual increase in fabric costs.
  3. Workmanship: Cosplay costumes are generally a manifestation of the individuality of the wearer, and it is time consuming and tedious to reflect this in the costume; there are a lot of decorations on the costume, such as stitching different colored fabrics together, collar edges and cuffs, all of which need to be wrapped by different colored fabrics, which requires a lot of manual work to achieve the best effect.
  4. Customization: Nowadays, cosplay costumes are mostly available on the Internet. However, there are still many cosplayers who prefer custom-made costumes. The advantage of custom-made costumes is that they are comfortable to wear, fit well, and have a reliable quality. The disadvantage is the long production cycle, which usually takes about 7-15 days.
  5. Full cosplay equipment: Cosplay is more than just a costume. Since you want to role-play, you need to imitate the full set of equipment. From wigs, headdresses and clothes to accessories (e.g., fans, umbrellas) and shoes.

There are a number of reasons why cosplay costumes are expensive, but more importantly, cosplaying is not just about buying a costume, it’s about buying a full set of costumes and equipment for the character in order to get the best presentation. If you’re really looking for a cosplay outfit, check out Crazecosplay. At Crazecosplay, you can find a wealth of character resources, inexpensive cosplay outfits, customizable outfits in your own size, and many other advantages.