The big-sleeved shirt refers to the yellow part of the picture, the wide robe sleeves are graceful and noble, with the meteorology of the Great Tang Dynasty. After the Sheng Tang Dynasty, the influence of Hu clothing gradually weakened, and the style of women’s clothing became increasingly wide. To the middle and late Tang period, this feature is more obvious, general women’s clothing, sleeve width often four feet or more. This is the noble dress of the middle and late Tang Dynasty, generally worn on important occasions, such as the courtesy, courtesy meeting and marriage. When wearing this dress, the hair was pinned with gold cui flower inlay, so it was also called “flower hairpin big sleeve”.

The red arc in the picture is the hēzǐ (pronounced hēzǐ), which is said to have been invented by Yang Guifei. It is said in the “Source of Things” that “Your Concubine’s private An Lushan, her fingers and claws were injured between her breasts, so she made hēzǐ to decorate it.” For me, it was quite difficult to make a hokko, so I made a floral jacket instead. There are generally two kinds of flounced jacket dresses, one is a pair of flounced jacket dresses and one is a cross-collar flounced jacket dress, which is commonly paired with straight-sleeved and wide-sleeved upper jacket, but also with big-sleeved shirt.

Buy fabric clothing fabrics are: a, diamond cotton: pure polyester silk and rayon blend. Among them, rayon is viscose fiber, belongs to the artificial fiber, feel very comfortable, more soft and sticky than cotton, but easy to wrinkle, strength is worse than cotton, suitable for short jacket. b, woven brocade satin: generally the most on the market in the sale of polyester and nylon blend, the ratio is basically half, gorgeous appearance, thick texture, often be chaotic call price, suitable for court hanbok. c, thickened chiffon: should refer to the 100D chiffon. density, so it looks thicker, not very transparent, 100% polyester composition d, soft satin: is the simulation of silk or satin class fabrics, 100% polyester composition e, cotton and linen: the most common and most applied fabrics, skin feel better, normal cotton and linen fabrics will shrink, silk will also, generally have to do pre-shrink to cut. f, silk class: silk chiffon, silk brocade, very comfortable to the touch, but the price is very expensive, not recommended. But the price is very expensive, it is not recommended to practice the white purchase.

If you really want to buy, it is recommended to ask the master to do. (I bought organza fabric is not included in the above, because organza is very difficult to shape and hot creases, easy to produce a studio dress sense, la la la, but the girl does not care what you say, is like, is capricious! Clothing colors are: a, solid colors, usually cotton and linen fabrics and chiffon, for newcomers to cutting is very frugal, but the visual effect is too b, printing, color vibrancy and pattern style, the degree of sophistication determines the grade of the finished product, within their own budget to buy the best c, embroidery, divided into a single embroidery and overall embroidery.

especially a single embroidery is not recommended for newcomers to enter, the position is not well arranged the whole piece of clothing is ruined d The gradient color, more rare, is not recommended to buy, the modern sense is too strong before buying, please search more pictures, decide what you want the color and texture, for the white best to have an imitation object, so the finished product probably look like a bottom. The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and popular items on the market.